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Hello, I'm Ryan Davern

Fullstack Developer 12 years of development experience 10+ personal projects

Hi, I'm Ryan Davern. I'm a fullstack software developer with over 12 years building cross-platform Desktop applications and websites. So in summary, if I want to build something, I'll figure out a way to do so and that sometimes involves learning an entirely new programming language or skill to solve the task.

My Skills

Desktop Application Development

7 years of cross-platform desktop application design and development

Web Development

6 years of fully responsive, fast, mobile friendly, website development

Database Management

10 years of MySQL database creation, management and structured query code

Server Development & Management

7 years of backend server creation, linux command line and server management

Networking & Socket IO

7 years of Socket.IO & 3 years of NodeJS communication development

API / Plugin Integration

12 years of API Integration into Desktop and Web Applications

My Work

5 most recent public projects